Frogz 64 for the Atari Jaguar console was in development for nearly a year. It is our flagship Atari Jaguar game. WAVE 1 GAMES has put a lot of effort into bringing players an exciting, quirky and fun arcade experience.
Finally you can play the arcade classic you know and love on the Atari Jaguar 64 bit multimedia system! This game hops onto your console with brilliant 24 bit color rich environments and a classic style of gameplay that never gets old. Its FROGZ 64 and you better move quick or you will become a frog legs dinner, served hot off the pavement! This game was created as a tribute to the froggie type arcade games from the 80's era. Like it's cousin Fast Food 64, Frogz 64 offers players 5 different game modes to choose from:

Arcade Mode - Jump your way through 14 crazy levels!

Fly Eating Mode- Eat as many flies as you can, but watch out for bees!

VS Fly eating mode- Same as 1 player fly eating mode except player 2 can take control of the nasty queen bee and inflict damage on the frog!

River Rush Mode- Inspired by the Pure Beef Mode from our other game Fast Food 64, you take control of a frog on a lily pad rushing down a river. You must eat the flies to progress but watch out for hazards!

2600 Mode- A nostalgic experience inspired by classic frog games on the 2600. It has graphics from the old games but is not a 100 percent accurate version of any particular game. A LOT of time went into this mode and we really hope you enjoy it!