Wave 1 Games was founded in 2016 by lead progammer Jeffrey Wayne Johnson (A.K.A. Jeffrey Bones)
     Jeffrey has been making games for over 10 years for the PC format using software such as Darkbasic,
     Game Maker, Multimedia Fusion 1.5 and Multimedia Fusion 2. In 2017 Jeffrey started using the free
     development package known as RB+ (provided by Jaguar homebrew veterans REBOOT) for Atari Jaguar
     game development. His first project was Frogz 64, however there are several other Atari Jaguar projects
     on the horizon from Jeffrey and his team.
     Wave 1 Games is dedicated to bringing you games that feel familiar but are unique experiences
     unlike anything you have ever played before! Wave 1 Games will be releasing software for the PC,
     Android, Atari Jaguar and Atari Jaguar CD formats.
     Our first game  RETROPIA  was for the PC and was released as FREEWARE in late 2016. This game has
     you piloting an interdimensional aircraft known as the Hawk-DX fighter in which you must travel
     between different realms destroying invading extra dimensional enemies. This game was  heavily
     inspired by the arcade classic games Robotron 2084 and Asteroids. A sequel titled RETROPIA 2 is
     scheduled for a 2017 release for the PC format only. In addition to the PC release of RETROPIA 2
     a hybrid of both games is planned for the Atari Jaguar cartridge format. This game will be called
     RETROPIA  Jaguar Edition.  
     Our second game was released on Febuary, 6th, 2017. It is Frogz 64 for the Atari Jaguar CD format.
     This version is a demo version and all profits from it's sales are going towards the cartridge release
     of the full game later this year. In addition to the full game, buyers who got the demo CD will recieve
     a -$10 discount on the cartridge version as well as a free gift!
     If you are looking to buy Wave 1 Games products you have come to the right place! This site will
     serve as our main store as well as all news regarding our future releases!

                                                          OUR TEAM: 

                                      Jeffrey Johnson (AKA Jeffrey Bones)

                                                                    Lead Programmer and Founder
                                                                               Charlotte, NC, USA

                                                                                Lorena Munoz
                                                         Head Art Director/ Graphic Design Artist
                                                                          Charlotte, NC, USA

                                                Chris Schlosser (AKA Cyclone_Chris)
                                                3D Modeler/ 3D Artist Freelancer

                                        Roberth Anthony Martinez Rivero

                                                           Official Box Artist
                                                                            Caracas, Venezuela