Fast Food 64 is our very first game to be officially released under the WAVE 1 GAMES label for the Atari Jaguar console. It's release was a great success and it has sold over 200 copies. It is available for both the Atari Jaguar cartridge and CD format. Fast Food 64 is a tribute to the old VCS/2600 game Fast Food. It borrows many ideas from that game, but is not a direct port. This game has 5 different game modes to choose from:

ALL YOU CAN EAT MODE - A Jaguar style version of the old game with updated graphics and psychedelic special effects.

EATING CONTEST - 2 Player action! Both players go head to head to see who can be the fattest!

100% PURE BEEF MODE - In this mode you must avoid the veggies! You are only allowed to eat burgers and the graphics are in the PLUS mode style visuals seen in many Jaguar games.

2600 MODE- Although not a 100% accurate recreation of the old VCS game, this mode delivers the same graphics and sounds as the old game but the speed and parallax effects of this version! If it's nostalgia you are craving with a side of new challenge, this mode is for you!

FACE STUFFER MODE (VR MODE) - This mode offers a pseudo 3D first person virtual reality version of the game! If you have a VR headset that can stream from your TV, this will be serious fun. A VR headset is NOT however required, you may enjoy this mode without it.

"Fast Food 64 was created in about 4 weeks. It was initially going to be a 2 week project however additional development time was required. The purpose of the project was to familiarize ourselves with the aging Atari Jaguar console. We wanted to create a simple and fun game that could be picked up and played for a few minutes or several hours depending on the player.  Fast Food 64 was a great learning experience and we had fun making it the entire time we worked on it. We learned a lot from making this game and we are using that knowledge in all of our upcoming Jaguar projects. FROGZ 64 was re-written from the ground up using a template created from Fast Food 64. The game is not perfect and some people may find some modes boring, but we are proud of Fast Food 64 and are thankful that we had the oppurtunity to add a fun new game the Atari Jaguar's library. It's nice to know that our game is now a part of the history of the worlds first 64 bit console. Hopefully it will be the first of many more new games to come from WAVE 1 GAMES!"

                                                                                                                 Jeffrey Johnson
                                                                                                    Lead Programmer and Founder