Frogz 64

Frogz 64 is a clone of the classic frog jumping game from the 1980's arcade hit everyone knows and loves! The graphics have been turned up a notch with the power of the Jaguar 64 Bit Multimedia System! Hop your way accross beautiful 24 bit environments in this fun remake suitable for any age group! Frogz 64 also has a 2 player competitive mode where you and a buddy can go head to head in a race to the top of the screen! The first one to get 3 of their frogs home safely wins! Frogz 64 is our first game for the Atari jaguar, it is also the first game to be sold that was built with the RB+ development package. Frogz 64 is the first Jaguar game to feature an optical illusion in it's graphics. Frogz 64 will be the first in many other areas, YOU must be the first to own this wacky game! Buy your copy today!
                     Neon Centipedez:
A psychedelic reimagining of the arcade classic Centipede from Atari. This version will make extensive use of some of the flashy particle effects that the Jaguar 64 Bit console is famous for. Stay tuned for more info on this game!
                      FAST FOOD 64

FAST FOOD 64 is a remake of the old unlicensed game Fast Food for the Atari 2600! This is curently being worked on as a side project to Frogz 64. In this game you must eat as much food as you can, but watch out for the purple pickles, as they give you gas! If you eat more than 6 purple pickles it will be GAME OVER for you! expect the same wacky Atari Jaguar enhanced treatment as well as a 2600 mode that will replicate the original perfectly!