RETROPIA is an inter dimensional space shooter in the gameplay style of Robotron 2084 and Asteroids. The gameplay also has some similarities to Starfox 64 It has a unique graphics style reminiscent of 1980's science fiction. A race of inter dimensional beings have invaded our realm and it's up to you to purge our world of these invaders! You will have to meet them in the dimensional plane that separates our realm from theirs. This realm is known as Retropia. Using your state of the art Hawk-DX fighter you can travel in between dimensional planes and even drift from one position in space time to another at the push of a button! This game has a unique psychedelic graphics style that may cause hallucinations or seizures, play at your own risk! (it's mind altering!)

Arrow Keys = Move Ship
Spacebar = Shoot Lasers
V Key = Hyperspace/Vortex Manuever
R Key = Restart game (in game only)
F4 = Exit/Restore Fullscreen
Esc key = Quit game

RETROPIA was the first game to be self published under the name WAVE 1 GAMES. It is a PC ONLY game at the moment. It was heavily inspired by games like StarFox 64, Robotron 2084, Defender 2000, Asteroids and Tempest 2000. The goal of the project was to create a game so weird and chaotic that it made players slightly disturbed but at the same time was still fun and addictive. RETROPIA does have a PC sequel that began being developed in December of 2016. That gane, RETROPIA 2 is currently on hold. See video below for gameplay.  After focusing our efforts on the Atari Jaguar console we have been absent in making PC games, although we have not forgotten our premiere product RETROPIA. You can watch some let's play reviews located here on this page to get a better idea of the gameplay. Eventually we would also like to port this game to the Atari  Jaguar as well. An engine test has been done and it IS possible, however unlike our other products, RETROPIA got mostly negative reviews and has sold very little copies. When we do pick the sequel back up or start converting the game to the Atari Jaguar format, we will be sure to post all the new info on here.

                         If you order a hard copy of RETROPIA you get a playable DEMO version of RETROPIA 2 on the
                         disk as an added bonus feature!